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Hi everyone,

My art work and progress can now be found at… so please feel free to pop over and give the page a like/follow. It would mean a lot to me.

My New Blog can be found at silverfoxforestdesigns.blogspo… You will be able to see my art updates there, I can also be followed on facebook (see link on blog)
I've developed a bit more and I hope you guys like the change

My new Youtube channel:… Tutorials on copic markers and showing how I work. Feel free to leave feedback.

I have decided im not happy being part of a site which has no control over contence. With a huge amount of porn and other crap. I cant use the site to show my art to friends encase something inappropriate appears. 

The thing is I love the other elements of DA So I will be clearing most of my work and only adding little bits back.

I am now a resource designer for the Crafts U Print website… Which means a few extra pence for me. I'm doing very basic stuff as I still have to work full time each day. It's a start though.

Just a note to say:

Thankyou for taking the time to watch me
Thankyou for your support
Thankyou for you inspiration
Thankyou for putting up with me

Over the next 4 years I may not be around as much as I fight to keep my job. Yet even if I don't comment Please know I still think all of your work Is outstanding you all have darn good talent never forget this.

::Please note::

My feeling on taxidermy and killing of wild animals. Ok this is my thoughts :

If an animal dies of natural reasons or is found dead I have no problem with people using it to make things, eg bone buttons , fur coats, claw/teeth jewllery of stuffing it. BUT what I find difficult to take is when someone goes out and kills an animal because they can. To many people are shooting/trapping/ killing the biggest and most amazing animals, just because they can. Or want a stuffed head to show people This is having serious effects on nature as the strong are not breeding and weaker gens are causing species to decline. & genetic faults are becoming more common

People say "but i use it all" that's still no excuse. We dont need wild animal fur we have sinfectic materials and farmed animals for this.  We dont need to shoot a deer for it's antlers they shed from the animal naturally. People say I use it and am respecting the animals body. The animal just wants to live it's life and do what it must why should it not have a future because of mans demands.

If a wild animals in pain or deseied then I agree ending the suffering is fair but the body should be burnt  not used. after all TB can be got from hide drums.  When an animals killed and you show off bits of it how can people see it's grace of movement, it's power, it's love of it's family and hear it's voice. you've taken that away leaving an empty shell. sure you can say how nice it looks but thats all.

I hear people cry there's to many deer/wolves/ dogs/ cats/badgers/foxes/sharks/wild pigs/green parakeets/loraketts lets cull them. If a cull has to be done they should only take the weak animals but then if man did not demand to manage nature then nature would deal with things as it all ways has. In the uk we should have bear, boar, wolf, linx, eagles,, elk big owls. But man wiped them out and brought new creatures to the land, like muntjac, wallabies..etc then complains when they destroy crops and demands them to be destroyed. If people respected animals more and were better educated there would not be half the issues.

Sorry if this upsets people.

I shoot animals but only with a camera. I wish more people did!

So to everyone I wish you all the very best for the future and much happy drawing.

::Channels & other links::

My portfolio's are:

onyxsoulclawphotography.cleanf…  My Photos Mostly from around Berkshire
onyxsoulclawillustartions.artw… My Drawings fantasy and realistic works

My flickr accounts at:…

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